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This is a box especially for your beloved dog walker! After spending time walking your dog in all our British weathers, what a better way to say thank you than by sending them this wonderful gift!


It contains:

  • A teabag with organic Peppermint tea leaves, so they can unwind and relax to the soothing scent and taste of Peppermint.
  • A tin of Hemp cream for dry or inflamed areas on the body – particularly useful for those sore hands after a cold winters walk!
  • A bag of salt rock crystals for a soothing and relaxing room fragrance.
  • A lavender bag to hang in their car or home, so they can take the relaxing fragrance with them wherever they go.
  • A bag of Epson salts for a long soak in the bath to ease those tired muscles and of course...
  • A bottle of hand sanitiser, to enable everyone to stay safe!


What better way to show your dog walker your appreciation of their continued and ongoing love and care of your beloved companion, than this bountiful box of beauties!

The Dog Walkers "Thank you" Box

SKU: 0004
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